Bueno Automotive Lighting and Emergency Vehicle Warning Lights

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Bueno Automotive

Bueno is a competitive manufacturer of lighting and electronic products for police, fire, ambulance, utility, and municipal service vehicles.


Our Commitment

At Bueno, quality is our top priority and the benchmark of everything we do.

The BUENO Advantage

Bueno has collaborated with our clients on a wide range of projects from vehicle warning lights, cannabis grow lights, AR HUDs, to LiFePO4-based energy solutions. Together, we have realized many successful products from mere concepts. Work with us to expedite development, free up precious resources, and gain access to a team of experienced, talented engineers and designers.

A Part of Something Greater

At Bueno we access to pivotal resources from within the Bueno Group, which was established in 1969. Including:

A world-class advanced optics research team

Tier 1 automotive precision casting foundry

A publicly-traded LED chip company co-founded by Bueno

Class 1000 clean room production plant for semiconductor equipment

These resources allow us to develop and produce superior quality products with savings going directly to our customers.
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